Award-Winning Book, Give Wings to Your Dreams

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Give Wings to Your Dreams:
Reawaken Your Joy and Passion for Life

Multiple Award-Winning Book

By Lauren E. Sullivan

Indie_FinalistNext Generation Indie Book Awards Winner


GWTYD Book_240x362pxGive Wings to Your Dreams: Reawaken Your Joy and Passion for Life

If you are feeling adrift in a life that isn’t working for you—take heart! Whether you are experiencing stress and burnout, or feeling lost in the confusion of midlife turmoil, Give Wings To Your Dreams offers you the inspiration and the tools to take charge and transform your life. Author Lauren Sullivan shares her own compelling story of traveling from lost to found after a personal crisis derailed her own life. She also shares many stories from the lives of her clients who have found their joy and passion again. In vivid and engaging language, she offers the wisdom of Seven Stepping Stones to guide you on an uplifting, soul-satisfying journey to new beginnings and a rich and robust quality of life

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ILD0602WbCvr3.inddGive Wings to Your Dreams: Personal Journal and Activity Guide

This comprehensive companion to the book Give Wings to Your Dreams: Reawaken Your Joy and Passion for Life, offers a convenient format for self-exploration and an easy-to-use structure for following through on the exercises and activities recommended in the book. 

By traveling the path outlined in the Seven Stepping Stone journey, you will be able to:

1. Shore up your energy for change by making a commitment to honor your needs and taking time to nurture your mind, body and spirit.

2. Resurrect the dreams you left behind by pondering powerful questions designed to help you get in touch with your deepest desires.

3. Conquer your inner critic and limiting beliefs by empowering your “inner coach” to support you in believing you can have what you want.

4. Adopt a joyful attitude and positive anticipation about your life, even before significant change has occurred, just by shifting your focus.

5. Create a compelling personal vision that will enable you to gain the confidence, clarity, and conviction to get what you want.

6. Create an inspiring life plan anchored in powerful intentions and heartfelt choices that will create forward momentum and propel you into action.

7. Stay true to your vision by learning ways to navigate the bumps in the road, maintain your focus, and celebrate your progress as you begin to spread your wings and fly!

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workbook_setGet the whole Give Wings to Your Dreams Package

With the book, companion workbook and audio recordings (mp3 downloads) to walk you through each step of the journey, it will be like having your own life coach sitting with you in your living room!

Or, even better, take this package with you to create your own self-directed getaway retreat, anywhere, anytime! And remember, telephone coaching options are available to support you before, during and/or after you embark on this journey.

“If you are ready to transform yourself and your life, use this uplifting program as your guide. The activities are positive, hopeful, focused, and effective. Work on each stepping stone and watch as your new life unfolds right in front of your eyes.” -Carol McClelland, Ph.D., author of The Seasons of Change

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What My Readers Say About Give Wings to Your Dreams:


“I trust your advice – it is so believable.”

“I just started your book and within the first two chapters I literally could feel the excitement in my heart as my thought process began to change. Even at 56 I can STILL pursue my dreams. I AM worthy and AM deserving of happiness. I’m feeling like the woman I used to be – full of laughter again and hope. Lauren thank you – this “antique little girl” in Virginia sings your praises.”

“Never have I read a book that touches me near as much as yours. I am only on page 52 and I just had to find your email and tell you. I live on motivational tapes and CDs, but I think you wrote this book for me. I was so amazed that you were able to depict me on every page!”

“Your book has jump-started my life! I have recommended it to many people, and now my therapist is even recommending it to her clients. You really inspired me!”

“You have written a beautiful book that challenges us all to pursue our true purpose and passion in life. It is filled with inspirational and life changing insights! I feel so uplifted! I have shared your website with many friends and family.”

“Your book is so inspiring. I feel energized and empowered to make the changes I’ve been wanting for such a long time. Thanks to you, I’m finally taking steps to pursue a career that is my passion. My husband loves the changes he has seen in me since reading your book and now he’s reading it too! He tells me all the time how peaceful I look and how happy he is to see me smile again.”