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 “And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”
-Anais Nin

What my clients say about their private life coaching retreat in Santa Barbara:


Flower Blue cluster_MG_8558_125x125px 72dpi“Lauren introduced me to my empowered self!  I started my journey with only a vague understanding that something was missing in my life.  As I went in search of guidance, I found Lauren’s website.  What I read there really struck a chord.  From my first interaction with Lauren, I realized she was assisting me in the upfront discovery and ultimately leading me to the answers I needed.  The tools she employed before and during my retreat were exactly right for me.  The answers were inside me and she helped me put a voice to them.  I worried that the strength and insight I gained would be short-lived.  It is not!  I am empowered and live my life with purpose, joy and self-caring.  I am amazed at how different I feel and how that translates into a more meaningful expression of me.  I am so grateful that I found Lauren.  She focused on me as an individual and found just the right way to help me achieve my goals.  I’m no longer a passenger in my own life.  I’m in the driver’s seat and making my own decisions on the path I take.  I’m ready for anything now!  Thank you, Lauren!”

Jean, Chicago


“I am leaving here with joy, hope, and excitement in my heart. I have accomplished the unexpected and what I thought was impossible – a new mindset and a shift in my energy. Look at what we achieved in two short days! You are a treasure, a healer, and a gift. I am deeply grateful that you came into my life.”

J.H., Colorado


Rose_IMG_0096_125x125px“During the four-day intensive retreat with Lauren Sullivan as my coach and guide, I returned back to my life in New Jersey with renewed clarity, purpose and focus. I learned how to relax and accept the challenges in my life with a sense of calm and peacefulness. Most important, by taking the time for self examination, I have learned what is healthy for me, what and who I want to accept into my life and what and who I need to leave behind in order to move forward.

Upon my return home, I began to take concrete actions to turn my desires and goals for my personal and professional life into action. I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to participate in this program and would highly recommend it to anyone seeking a roadmap to navigate life’s journey and rekindle the simple joy of feeling alive again.”

Judy, New Jersey


“What an amazing experience this 2-day private retreat was that we have had together! Your guidance and spiritual brilliance have made all the difference in my life. Because of you and our time together, I have learned to believe in myself. I knew this time would be special, but I truly had no idea it would be so transformational in so many ways!”

Barbara, Los Angeles


Flower Cluster Orange_IMG_0571_125x125px 72dpi“In November 2010, I traveled to Santa Barbara to attend a Retreat with Lauren and I was delighted with the outcome! We had identified 3 areas which I wanted to improve in my life and we successfully worked through them, achieving more than I ever imagined! Lauren’s approach was relaxed and reassuring. She took the time to understand my background and what I wanted to change in my life.  Her skills and ability to focus on achieving my goals, as well as developing a personal connection with me are unique!

Lauren helped me to connect with parts of me which were previously dormant.  I found the exercises particularly helpful and gained a great deal of joy from them! Having spent several years becoming more self aware and gaining a deeper understanding of myself, Lauren provided the final piece of the jigsaw and I now feel complete! I would certainly recommend Lauren to anyone who wants to improve specific areas of their life. She has a wonderful way of helping you, while genuinely sharing and enjoying the journey with you!

Thank you Lauren, I am so glad I found you! You have changed my life!”

Helen, London, England


 “Thank you so much for helping me find that missing puzzle piece – self-love. I’ve learned so much about myself in our two days together and I feel like I am truly on the path God wants for me. I feel that sense of excitement and joy in starting this journey.  You have such a gift for helping people see what lies hidden within themselves – thank you for sharing that with others. May God’s blessings be with you always.”

Heather, Nebraska


Flower Purple with Butterfly_IMG_0780_125x125px 72dpi“In April of 2010, I had a revelation in my life.  My children were beginning to leave home, my husband was spending more time playing golf, and I was left with some very profound feelings of being left behind.

I realized that my life was beginning to change, I was not being fulfilled in my career, and that I had to find myself again.

After some careful research, I decided to “retreat” to Santa Barbara from Toronto for some much needed guidance from Lauren Sullivan. I was nervous about flying so far by myself, and spending a long weekend in a hotel working with someone who I had only spoken to on the phone.

From the moment Lauren and I connected, I knew I had made the right choice in finding a coach to guide me through my life’s transition. I spent 3 days in Santa Barbara, working with Lauren during the day, and spending time exploring the city, and myself.  The whole experience was life changing.  I had an epiphany, and thanks to Lauren, the changes that were happening in my life took on new meaning and possibilities!

I came home from my weekend with Lauren with a sense of peace and contentment.  Since that time, I have made a wonderful career change, my relationships with my family and close friends is richer, and I now know how to nurture myself instead of just those around me.

My personal retreat with Lauren in Santa Barbara was the best gift I could have given myself at that time in my life. I am so grateful for having that experience.”

Christine.Toronto, Canada


“Thank you so much for guiding me through my process of change. Today is truly a celebration of freedom and I will always remember the spirit of independence that I feel right now. Who knew that six weeks ago from a rainy day in Virginia to this beautiful day in sunny, cloudless California, I would be released from so much hurt to a place of personal self-worth and empowerment!”

S. R., Virginia


Flowers orange_IMG_7495_125x125px 72dpi“My life came to a screeching halt Valentine’s Day 2008.  I knew without a shadow of a doubt I could not do this job one more minute.  I’ve been a stay-at-home mom and wife for the past 18 years.  My daughter is off to College in the fall and I want to go back to work but what can I do?  What do I want to do with the rest of my life, how do I want to live?  Who am I?  I realized I didn’t recognize the person I’d become.  In truth, I didn’t even like the person I’d become.

Lauren Sullivan helped me find the person I had been years ago.  She helped me realize the possibilities that exist in my life without me having to do anything more but to look at the talents I have always possessed.  It sounds easy right?  All I can say is I would not have been able to do this on my own.  Lauren guided me with kindness and compassion through this process and I will always be grateful for her.  For the first time in years I feel alive and excited about my future!

I went to Santa Barbara with the hope of coming home with an idea of what I would do with my life once my daughter went off to college.  Instead, I came home with much more.  I came home with a treasure box of knowledge of who I am.  I realized that I’m not just a mother, a wife, a room mom and volunteer.  I have talent, skills and knowledge I never knew I had because they have been buried for so long.  Lauren Sullivan helped me unearth my full potential and showed me why it was so.  I can’t imagine where I would be without Lauren’s help.

Lauren is gifted as a Life Coach.  She is patient, kind and compassionate.  Lauren is uniquely skilled at getting to the root of the issue. I truly believe she is doing the job she was created to do.   I feel very blessed to have had Lauren work with me; helping me see the beautiful, radiant woman I am.

Thank you Lauren for giving me back my Life.”

Lisa, Texas


“This has been a truly amazing retreat! I have done a lot of “self-help” work in the past, but this has been so much more insightful and empowering. I love my life’s vision and purpose! I have so much insight into me and who I want to be. You have given me all the tools I need to embark on my “retired life.”

M.S., San Francisco Bay Area


Flowers_Bird of P_IMG_3024_125x125px 72dpi“My intensive three day life coaching retreat with Lauren was priceless!  I have been deliberately creating for several years and had successfully worked long distance with a life coach about five years prior.  I found myself off track and feeling lost.  I knew I needed help getting out of my own way.  I also knew I was past the issues I had covered with my previous coach and I needed something new.  When I stumbled on Lauren’s retreat online the inspiration hit me, “That’s it!” We spoke on the phone and instantly clicked.  Within a short time I found myself on a plane flying across the country for a long weekend one-on-one with Lauren.

The unique combination of a retreat combined with life-coaching that Lauren offers cannot be duplicated. Life coaching is very personal.  You are getting to the core of who you are and what you really want in life, which means being vulnerable with your coach. Lauren offers a personal intimate and safe atmosphere where you are truly encouraged to focus on just YOU and get to the heart of the matter.  In fact, when you resist, she will gently push you.   Since I was away from my daily life I was able to focus on ME.  We are all onions with many layers upon layers.  It takes time to get to the core.

What makes Lauren’s technique so special is that she works with you (we laughed a lot too) all day, three days in a row.  As we were gently peeling away my layers, I was not given the time and space to put any layers back on before we were at it again.  You can feel yourself succeeding as you begin to replace that feeling of being lost with feelings of inspiration, excitement, peace, and joy.

I left Santa Barbara inspired, uplifted, joyful, enthusiastic, relaxed, and armed with a brand new book of very personal vision statements and a colorful amazing vision board of my own creation.  Now, three weeks later, I am still living that ME I rediscovered with Lauren’s help.  I encourage you to take the time to focus on YOU.  Invest in a retreat with Lauren.  I know, like me, you will find the return on that investment priceless!”

L.S., Boston


“Thanks for a fabulous retreat! Thanks for sharing your wisdom with me and successfully getting me un-stuck from issues of the past. You are a sweet nature – a guiding light!”

Carol, Houston


Flower Yel with Butterfly_MG_6708_125x125px 72dpi“Thank you so much for helping me on this journey of self-discovery and self-acceptance. I got so much out of these four days with you and I am beginning to see myself in a different light. Thank you for your gentle, kind and patient approach. It was wonderful to have your guidance!”

O.W.,London, England


“What an awesome experience! Finding you and being able to work with you has been divine. You are an inspiration! You listened so well. You truly love what you are doing and it shows. Coming to Santa Barbara to meet and work with my life coach will always be a wonderful memory of how my new life transformation all started. Thank you for sharing your gifts with me.”

Diane, Iowa

Flowers Purple Yellow Red_MG_8482_125x125px 75dpi“I’ve talked so much, written so much, organized thoughts, made lists…it’s hard right now to sum it all up in a just a few sentences. I came with my gas tank empty, my energy sources depleted, and I leave with fuel and energy enough to get back on the road, to continue my journey with enthusiasm and a renewed sense of purpose and self-worth. Thank you for the BIG list that represents me and for bringing that “me”, the “me” I use to be, back to the present. I truly didn’t believe that person “was still there”, but thankfully, you helped me rediscover her. Thank you for all. It has been an honor and a pleasure to have spent four days with you – not to mention enlightening!”

S.C., San Francisco Bay Area


“Hi Lauren, wonderful time with you–you are so kind, so compassionate, so full of tenderness and understanding.  I felt completely safe with you and you have helped me find wonderful things inside of me that I may not have found — possibly ever.  I can’t thank you enough and look forward to our weekly sessions so we can continue to see the joy, happiness and light that is all around!! Many hugs to you, my dear friend and angel.”

C. H., Arizona


Flower RedYel Rose_IMG_0073_125x125px 72dpi“Wow. Just wow. What an incredible gift our last four days together has been. I am deeply grateful for your time, your attention, your patience, your intuition and your dedication. I thought I came to see you for only one thing, but my expectations were exceeded tenfold. The result is someone who feels amazing, who is at peace, who is energized, revitalized, and ready to face the world. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Melanie, San Francisco Bay Area


“What a wonderful experience it has been! And what a long way you and I have come. I couldn’t/wouldn’t have done this without you. And I am so very grateful that we did it. I feel joyful and happy. Thank you for your direction and love and support. All this and I had so much fun too! The vision and purpose statements distilled the essence and truth of me. What a delight to be able to articulate these ideas. I have a big smile on my face and in my heart for you and this experience.”

Sue, Idaho


Flower Rose PkWht_IMG_0506_125x125 72dpi“I am so glad you exist! You are very good at what you do. I so appreciate your kindness and attention and the dedicated time you’ve given to this process. To be able to see a real, purposeful path out of burnout and toward a joyful future is an amazing gift. I started out heavy and ended up light and laughing. Mission accomplished. With heartfelt thanks and gratitude,”

M.N., Colorado

“You’ve brought tears of joy to my eyes as I realize the results of our days together. I have grown from a list of “should dos” to a freeing handful of intention statements – and more importantly, a purpose for my life. I have wanted a purpose for so long. Thank you for sticking with me through this journey and for guiding me to my new life!”

Maryanne, Indiana

purple-yellow_img_1764_125x125px_72dpi“Thank you doesn’t seem to come even close to the way I want to express my gratitude. I came to you with a blank page – stuck in a rut in my life of not knowing who I was, who I wanted to be and what my future would look like. I knew coming out here that all the answers were inside of me but I was overwhelmed and had no idea how to get these thoughts and ideas out. Not only did you help me get everything out, you did it in a creative, enjoyable way and it made sense and made me excited to be ME again.

You have a true gift – and I thank you for sharing that gift with me. There are times and people in your life you will never forget and I can say with 100% certainty and love that I will always remember Santa Barbara and my time spent with you here. Truly an amazing journey of self re-discovery, and of course some laughs along the way too.”

Julie, St. Paul, MN


“The time I had with you these past few days has been amazingly valuable and insightful. I truly value what I have experienced and learned about myself. Thank you kindly for bringing such great energy and wisdom to our time together.”

Sandra, Newport Beach


butterfly-spotted_img_1970_125x125px_72dpi“I cannot tell you how wonderful and energizing, fulfilling and exciting these past four days have been! I felt somewhat withered in spirit and had lost some confidence and clarity with moving forward in my life. You helped me revive myself in many ways. You helped me identify my strengths – ones I knew I had, but had lost confidence in. You helped me re-center my personal life, seeing the members of my family with new eyes – for this I am truly grateful. You have given me strength and helped me regain trust in myself. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. This retreat was a true gift – your contribution and support, your gentle, directing voice will always remain in my ears and in my heart.”

V.K., Philadelphia


“Words cannot express my gratitude for the experience you have given me. I am leaving Santa Barbara with a newfound connection with my soul and God. It feels incredible to head home knowing I have the tools within me to accomplish my goals and reach my dreams.”

Lisa, Los Angeles


azalea-white-pink_img_1802_125x125px_72dpi“Four days have gone by so fast – in such a wonderful way. I came here expecting change, but I thought it would include a lot of decision-making about things I should change or need to change – and I figured that would involve a lot of focus on painful areas.  Instead, I received acceptance, encouragement and the opportunity to delve into what I want – my highest good. My voice was most important, and I am leaving with a new understanding of what the meaning of life is for me. Thank you for focusing me on what I can choose to have and what’s been there all along – Creativity, sparkle, focus and self-nurturing!”

T.D., Dallas


“Your gentle and fluid way of working with me and your knowledge and intuition of what was needed in the moment helped me experience a true and honest breakthrough to joy. I have tools to use that will help in any situation, tools that will keep positive energy flowing. I have seen my future self and I love her! You have helped me open so many doors that were bolted shut. The energy is overflowing and positive!”

A.M., San Jose


iris_img_1759_125x125px_72dpi “You have changed my life in the most meaningful and heartfelt way. You unlocked the places where I was stuck and have unleashed my old self again. You have given me the tools, courage and confidence to continue on my journey to live my dreams and recognize my passions and live them. Your talented, patient and kind spirit guided me in the most beautiful way. Trusting the process and you made my self-transformation an incredible and safe experience. I cannot wait to see what unfolds from here.”

C.K., Tampa, FL


“Thank you so very much for guiding me to find myself and find my voice. Our time together this week has enabled me to reconnect with myself in a positive and authentic framework for the future. Sunny days ahead for sure!”

Sue, Ontario, Canada


poppies-mixed_img_1655_125x125px_72dpi“I am so glad Divine Intervention brought us together. I was in need of self healing and to find happiness in my life – and a Google search led me to you! This process – your process has left me feeling lighter and looking forward to the next chapters of my life. I found you easy to open up to and let into my little world and felt you not taking that lightly. You knew when to encourage me to go on, when to change direction and when I needed a walk. My time here with you has been the best gift I have given to myself and I will forever be grateful to you for that. Thank you!”

R.D., Minneapolis, MN


“These last five days have been completely transformational for me. I feel renewed and ready to face life with all the beautiful intentions we set today. I can feel the shift already and know you helped me to create those spaces in my life to allow the goodness and Light in!”

Jessica, Portland, Oregon


butterfly-blue-red_img_1969_125x125px_72dpi“After three days together, I truly feel that I’ve know you for three years, or three decades! It was so easy to talk with you and share all that we discussed during the retreat. How can I thank you for helping me uncover what needed to be? You are very remarkable at what you do – so very skilled, perceptive and kind, Thank you for helping me see what I needed to see and giving me the wisdom to move ahead in life with my head up…deserving all that life has to offer. God’s blessings upon you for all you’ve done and continue to do!”

Karen, Las Vegas


“My time with Lauren was more special than I ever could have imagined. Her healing presence gave me the ability to set myself free. Her guidance directed me down a new path of self-love and self-acceptance. She is life-giving! Thank you Lauren for being my answer to so many prayers. My life will truly never be the same.”

Ashley, Dallas


azalea-multi_img_1801_125x125px_72dpi“You helped me find my inner voice and inner strength to live the life I dream of and that feels natural to me. All the things we talked about and worked through helped me organize my thoughts and recognize my feelings. You ask hard questions! But they need to be answered. I wouldn’t have been able to sort all of my relationship issues out without your guidance, or find my true self and needs. You’ve taught me to recognize and honor my truth – and for that I will be forever grateful.”

Tracey, Alberta, Canada


“How to say thank you for sharing your gift with me? You have given so much more than your time and talent. You shared your heart and soul. By doing that, I was able to find mine again. By showing me how to free myself I can live again and be who God wants me to be – a happy, vibrant child. You’ve earned your halo this week. May you continue to help others who are lost in their journeys.”

Julia, Louisiana


purple-flower_img_1769_125x125px_72dpi“How can I ever thank you enough for the work you did with me? Your amazing gifts change lives! You have the ability to listen and guide to gain the most benefit, hitting all areas that need work. The past four days have been an incredible amount of work and I feel so grateful for your undivided attention to help me work on all the issues and break through the huge block that was preventing me from living a fulfilled life. I am looking forward to a new outlook on life full of many “firsts” for me. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you!”

Jackie, Washington State


“You amaze me with your insight and have delighted me! Thank you for helping me gather my thoughts and emotions and make a plan for more balance and happiness. I have more energy and optimism to take home.”

Judy, Arkansas


butterfly-white-flower_img_1975_125x125px_72dpi“My experiences with Lauren have exceeded my expectations! I came to California to gain some insight into why I felt lost with no clear purpose in life. My three days spent with Lauren have been enlightening, profound and phenomenal. I now know what was holding me back, what tools I can use to move forward to have a healthy, happier, motivated life. She guided me to a vision for the future that I had not even thought about. She is warm, friendly, intelligent, motivating and a “10” in my book. I would highly recommend her retreat to anyone wanting a fuller, motivating and happy life.”

Trish, Virginia


“Lauren, you were sent to me to let me be me. Thank you for guiding me to know that I am strong and that I can and will allow myself to be me. I feel wonderful and happy.”

B.P., San Francisco


iris-mixed_img_1778_125x125px_72dpi“The last four days have truly been among the most amazing in my entire life. When I started with you, I had many layers of background issues embedded deep within me. You have helped me to confront these issues with honesty, yet within a completely safe, nurturing environment. You have helped me to be able to move forward in my life with a clean slate. I have a completely unbridled passion for the new adventures that are about to unfold and I will never be able to thank you enough. You have a gift of intuition and knowing where to search – how to search – how to help people to move past their blockages. Because of our time together, I am so excited to move on to the next stage of my life.”

Jody, Boston


“A million thank yous for sharing your gifts and talents and bringing out of me a masterpiece for my life!”

Caroline, Missouri


pink-azaleas_img_1761_125x125px_72dpi“I will be forever grateful to you for helping me find myself again, transform and begin creating a whole new life to enjoy and look forward to. When I discovered you online, it felt like I had found a lifeline, a plan of action. I felt hope and anticipation! Four days spent working with you made all the difference. I received your undivided time and attention just for me and my wellbeing. The continuity of all that time, plus your expertise, understanding and compassion, gave me exactly what I needed to make amazing progress in my life. Being in warm, gorgeous Santa Barbara was a tremendous happy bonus as well. Even though we had just met, in you, I really felt like I had a trusted caring friend helping me. I’m home now, and every day I think about and apply what I learned with you. I feel like I have focus, purpose and excitement about the future. It is a gift beyond measure, and I thank you.”

Sally, Seattle