Life Coaching Retreats for Women at a Crossroads

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“When sleeping women wake, mountains move”
-Chinese Proverb

If you are a woman who feels like your life is stuck in a joyless holding pattern..

If you are coping with issues like…

Empty Nest
Job Burnout
Relationship Pain
Family Challenges
Chronic Low Energy
Emotional Stress
Feeling Lost
Lack of Purpose


…the future can seem pretty lackluster, and it can be tempting to just pull the covers over your head and throw a pity party. It’s hard to see a solution when you are so close to the problem.

What if you had a gentle and compassionate guide to take you by the hand and lead you on a soul-searching journey of self-discovery that leads to a place where life is joyful again?

I have been doing just that with retreat clients in Santa Barbara for over fourteen years. Check out my testimonials page to see what other women like you have experienced during their retreat.

Are you always putting others needs ahead of your own?

If the focus of your life has been to meet the needs and demands of others at the expense of your own, you may be living out of sync with your innermost values and desires. You may have even lost awareness of what they truly are!

And, if you’ve been succumbing to fears and limiting beliefs, and denying expression of your true self, you may be feeling tremendous frustration and disappointment with the state of your life, and a sense that something vital is missing.

That something is YOU!

My retreat process will guide you step-by-step to reconnect with the parts of you that have been lost or put on the back burner, as you have endeavored to give your best to everyone and everything around you – your career, your family, your community – but have allowed your own needs to languish.

If you are you a woman who struggles with:

  • Feeling chronic stress or burnout
  • Difficulty getting your needs met
  • Self-sabotaging behavior
  • Being hard on yourself
  • Never feeling good enough
  • Worrying about what other people think
  • Not being able to relax and have fun
  • Longing for balance and a better quality of life

Taking a few days to nurture and renew your spirit will pay amazing dividends! Doing some deep soul searching with the guidance of a professional, certified life coach will help you gain clarity about what you need in your life to be truly happy and at peace.

If you recognize yourself in any of the following scenarios, I’d be honored to be your guide on a gentle and loving journey to find your beautiful self again, take back your power and inspire a compelling and exciting new vision for your life.

You are facing a challenging life transition – the end of a significant relationship, divorce or widowhood; a career change, job loss or desire to start a business; empty nest or retirement; or another midlife crisis – you may be feeling lost, confused and overwhelmed. You need some support to clear the cobwebs, face your fears and find a productive way to move forward.


You are experiencing a longing for spiritual connection and a sense of greater meaning and purpose. You may not be particularly religious, or perhaps you find yourself questioning your beliefs. You may find spiritual connection in nature, through prayer, meditation or yoga. You’d like to dedicate more time to spiritual practice, but quiet time is something you find yourself avoiding or not allowing yourself the luxury. Yet the calling is unmistakable. You wonder what’s in the way.


You are a selfless giver, a good woman through and through. Perhaps others even refer to you as an Earth Angel or something similar. And yet, for all the happiness you bring to others, your own happiness keeps eluding you. You may have experienced a string of relationship failures, possibly with a narcissistic or self-absorbed partner who may also have been an addict or emotionally abusive. It seems that your love hasn’t been enough. But are you giving yourself the love you so freely give to others? Self-care seems almost frivolous and allowing others to give to you is not something you know how to do. Yet, some part of you knows that your well-being depends on it.


You have reached the pinnacle of your career – a position of respect, accomplishment, accolades and even glamour, but you feel empty inside. You are craving balance, you may be feeling burnout or boredom with your work and you’ve lost touch with what’s really important to you. You are longing for something more.


You are a woman who has it all by society’s standards – financial security and the freedom to spend your time any way you desire, yet you are feeling personally unfulfilled and have a nagging notion that your life lacks meaning and purpose.


You are a woman with a driving desire to make a difference in the world, who wants to use her gifts to contribute to the greater good, to make a lasting impact, and to leave a legacy for generations to follow. You’ve known for a long time that you came here for a purpose, but you may not be clear about exactly what you want to do and how to get started, or you may lack the confidence and commitment to go for it.


You are an artist or an artist at heart. Something stops you from embracing your art and getting it out in the world. Whether it’s a book you’ve wanted to write for years, paintings that seek expression on the canvas, or another art form that is your passion, you are feeling blocked in some way or frustrated with your progress.

Does it feel like I’m describing you? If so, I invite you to explore my website for more details and if what you find calls to you, please email me with your questions or give me a call at 805-569-2564 for a complimentary phone consultation to help you determine which program is the best fit for you. I look forward to hearing from you!

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